The Northern land of Dwarves and men.

Consists of a chain of Dwarven mountain keeps, human towns, and the roaming tribes that link them economically and culturally.

The people, dwarf and human, are known collectively as the Risvanen, after the Risva, the pact which they made to share in the battle against giants over a thousand years ago.

The Dwawrven leaders of keeps are called Jarls. The leaders of the Five Great Keeps are known as the High Jarls. The Human heads of townships or portions of the land are called Reeves. The heads of nomadic tribes are called Chieftains, a title which carries over from ancient human practice, while the heads of a family in both human and dwarven clans are called Hearthfathers and Hearthmothers. The temporarily appointed leader of a hunting band, one which hunts giants in particular, is a Jaegerlord.


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