The Revered and Reviled

Session 5: The Long Road Ahead

Session 5 – The Long Road Ahead
    Keep Middenhraf (underground)
        Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Barcas: speech about Taithar's death not being in vain, reveals Vizirate ring
        Barcas takes leave to attend to serious matters, promotes Phaeston, says Dengar can send word with Lecca
        Drazen takes Farscona, Gandalf-with-palantir style
        Barcas says he will take Risvanen equipment to blame Taithar's death on the Risvanen, Barcas leaves
        Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Dengar lays down theory about Xyphonaean invasion involving the ruins in Risvaal
        Dengar suggests that Rolfe go with Barcas to the Xyphonaean capital to investigate
        Rolfe agrees to follow Barcas an hunt down the heart of corruption in Xyphon, but Dengar et al. must assist Risvanen
        Rolfe leaves
    The Abyss
        Taithar awakens near, but not near, the rift into Middenhraf
        A guide-thing tells Taithar he must walk to Nirvana, gives him compass
        Surrounded by dog things, saved by Najim and crew, who are also dead (killed by Shehazian)
        Long trek ahead (the zoom out shot: millions of demons, some of them very big)
        Talk with Nax: the men are talking about demons
        Barcas to Phaenor and Phaeston: the Risvanen have demons, got to go to capital to get more resources
        Cassitor busts in, pissed about the secret operation and the casualties
        Phaeston helps Barcas explain why the op went bad (Risvanen had demons)
        Barcas gives epic speech to Cassitor; still mad, but realizes he can't take action against Barcas
        Barcas says Phaeston coming to capital, Phaenor in charge
        Phaeston knows Barcas is sort of lying; Barcas shows him the Vizirate ring, explains that there is more afoot
        Djando reports about men who were driven man by demons
    Warrior Lodges
        Rolfe explains: the job is not done, but I have to do this part alone, hold the fort in the meantime
        Torvald: "May your enemies' shields shatter before your blows."
        Hilda kisses Rolfe goodbye, tells him not to die
    The Abyss
        After several "weeks" Taithar walks up to a crazy angel vs. demon battle, horizon to horizon
        Spells don't feel right, are silent, and smell of buttercream, so he attempts to teleport
        Teleports to Nirvana with Najim and crew
    Mountain Pass
        Lecca, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe
        Dengar says Rolfe is going with Barcas, gives Rolfe headband of speaking of Xyphonaean/Risvanen
        Barcas: Rolfe is going to play the part of a Risvanen defector, Snorri Childe Harold
        Barcas to Pollex: demons afoot, bringing Jaegerlord to help root them out in Xyphon
        Phaeston things Rolfe is Snorri
        Djando, Barcas, Phaeston and Rolfe going to Xyphon

Session 4: Original Tranquility

Session 4
    En Route to Keep
        Injured heading back to Bjarungard
        Two cultists in a cart meant for the injured
        Djando, Taithar and Rolfe conducting and interrogation
        One of them has a Vizirate ring, Djando takes
        Rolfe delivers threat while Djando detects thoughts and translates
        Dudes part of the Cult of Original Tranquility
        Older guy isn't talking useful things, so Taithar throws him out of the cart
        Djando asks the younger one who he is and who his father is
        Djando finds that he is an orphan and has no meaningful ties in Xyphon, named Jovan
        Rolfe knocks his teeth out
        Jovan accepts the mercy of Xium, being taken to Bjarungard as offered by Barcas
        Rolfe executes the other guy
    Keep Middenhraf (outside)
        Dead bodies, mostly human, around the keep, no demons visible
        Nax badly injured (though not apparently mortal), at least 33% casualties for Iron Scourge
        No activity seen in keep for almost a day, but elves made it inside
        Rest of Keep attackers retreated, demons dispersed or in Keep
        Outriders fan out, one of Taithar's sgts clairvoyances and sees dwarf zombies
        Taithar Desh pings and gets two pings back
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe going in
        Stilico guarding outside, Nax sent to Bjarungard, Sven and Torvald looking for survivors
    Keep Middenhraf (ground floor)
        In the anteroom, ready for battle, Taithar becomes a gargoyle
        Djando, Drazen, Taithar, Rolfe hide
        Barcas kicks door open, zombie pile-in and three grim reaper things, challenges on reaper
        Barcas meets the enemy, Rolfe and him killing some, Taithar lays into them w/ force damage and cone of cold
        Zombies blown away, each hero closes w/ a reaper but stay on Barcas for AC
        Barcas tears apart reaper that he'd challenged with scimitar
        Taithar frost/lightning explodes another reaper w/ Farscona, then freezes the other reaper
        Barcas attempts to get info from reaper, unsuccessful, yells "Per Invictum Regitum" and slays last reaper
        Rolfe finds a dwarf priest named Bandor who is awestruck and relieved and Rolfe's presence
        Drazen and Barcas find Lethrix, they bring her but send Bandor out to heal folks
    Keep Middenhraf (underground)
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix
        Explore underground and find sleeping quarters, libraries and schoolrooms
        Barcas and Djando find desecrated dwarf worship room w/ cultists
        Barcas sends Djando to get Taithar to cone of cold the cultists, Taithar is getting dwarf storybook for Sariah
        Barcas overruns/charges some of the cultists, they die into portal
        Rolfe finds Hilda, Zendigas and Dengar
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Everyone but Djando and Lethrix charges in
        Balor Lord walks out of portal and sets room on fire
        People hurt, everyone but the trio gets out of the room
        FOR THE SULTAN, Taithar lunges and the trio wails on Balor Lord
        Barcas gives his challenge to the demon and asks whom he works for, demon laughs
        Barcas slays demon
        Demon explodes
        Everyone hurt in fiery unholy explosion
        Smoke clears: Taithar Nin is dead
        What now?

Session 3: To Cull the Tide of Filth

Session 3 – "To Cull the Tide of Filth"
    Ostcape Wilderness – The Meeting
        Taithar, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Lecca, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe
        Dengar talks about how grave situation is
        Dengar offers Djando, Barcas, Rolfe to begin initiation into the Vigil
            Drops knowledge about Fall of Ashtadesh, role of outsiders
        Barcas lays out what is up with his forces
        Lecca explains what's up with the rift, how two can make a really big rift
            One of them needs to be staunched
    Ostcape Wilderness – The Plan
        Middenhraf – Nax, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda, Lecca
        Ruins – Barcas, Djando, Stilico, Rolfe, Taithar, Sven, Torvald
        Barcas says Nax going to extradite guerrillas from Middenhraf
        Taithar briefs Steel Talon on demons
        Barcas briefs Nax and Stilico on demons
        Rolfe gives big rally speech to his dudes
    Ostcape Wilderness (Ruins)
        Stilico's Outriders, Barcas' Outriders, Sven's snipers and Torvald's guerrillas route demons
        Taithar and Rolfe converge on the ruins
        Barcas pursues demons into clearing; demons conspicuously absent
        Colossal invisible Shemhazian makes presence known
            "You have tried so hard to hunt the demons, but realize not that the rabbit cannot hunt the wolf."
    Battle in the Clearing
        Barcas closes, Shemhazian hits Ananax with claws
        Taithar freezes him
        Barcas yells "For the true Sultan!" (whoops) and messes up the shemmy, stuns him
        Rolfe seizes opportunity, cripples Shemhazian and knocks it unconscious
        Taithar destroys it with acid
    In the Ruins
        The crew messes up the cultists, who are not prepared for the carnage – ritual averted
        One or two captured, to be talked to later…
        Retreat! Way too many demons
        Distress call from keep!

Session 2: Summoning the Vigil

Session 2 Notes
    The Yurt
        Hilda accuses Hector of set up
        Barcas diffuses tension with Djando and Taithar's help
    Heading to Bjarungard
        Barcas notifies an Outrider that he has returned and they should pull south
        Taithar goes off alone to his quarters to consult his books regarding planes
        Barcas, Djando discuss implications of demonic appearance, agree to wait for Taithar
        They decide to requisition Lecca, Djando's sister-in-law's, assistance via the Admiral
    Taithar's Chambers
        Talk with Farscona–has cut demons before, planar bleed through is happening
        .Taithar consults his shit and resolves to interrogate the succubus with Hector and Arriana
    Warrior Lodges
        Inquiring after Jurgen and the demons, follows tracks to other Lodges
        Ransacked lodge, dead men and dead demons (more dead men), hears elf voices
        Rolfe approaches stealthily but one goes silent, then star knife at his neck
        Hilda and big elf fight
        Fighting stops, big elf is Zendigas, woman is Lethrix, Rolfe and Lethrix get to talking
        Zendigas is dismissive of Rolfe
        Rolfe directs Zendigas and Lethrix to Bjarungard
    Near the Yurt (Succubus interrogation)
        Taithar, Arriana, Hector
        Baiting succubus with illusion of child, succubus survives stone to flesh
        Beneath keep Middenhrath (Middenhraf?) cult maintaining portal to Abyss
        Succubus determines child is illusion, Taithar kills her
        Taithar affirms consistency of stable portal to abyss
        Barcas sends Pollex to request Lecca from the Admiral
        Informed of elves' arrival by Phaenor and Nax, consults Adrian who is mostly unhelpful
        Allows elves an audience, but has to have them taken to holding cells pending Taithar's approval
    Holding Cells
        Taithar arrives, Lethrix teleports (is a shadow dancer) and they are out of the cells
        Lethrix and Zendigas here because Dengar brought them four days ago; Taithar should consult Dengar
    Ostcape Wilderness
        Taithar meets Dengar to discuss next steps
        Taithar refers Dengar to Rolfe and Barcas and vouches for their character (Zendigas too)
        Dengar et al get Barcas to agree to meet vigil crew
        Barcas mentions potential inclusion of Lecca, Vigil does not reveal affiliation
    Warrior Lodges
        Dengar convinces Rolfe that he will be critical in repelling demon threat
        Rolfe agrees to meeting
    Ostcape Wilderness
        Taithar, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Lecca, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe

Session 1: A Meeting at Dawn

Session Notes
    War Room
        Admiral, General, Barcas, Taithar, Djando, etc.
        Barcas wants to destroy the northern forest to break resistance and expand north
        Support from Admiral and Taithar (who could help), General gives in
    Flashback – City of Xyphon
        Thranten talking to Taithar about Ostcape
        Thranten asking Taithar if he knows about planar bleedthrough
        Thranten talking to magical shifty guy
        Thranten asks Taithar to investigate Ashtadeshi ruins in Ostcape
    Keep Bjarungard
        Barcas talks to Djando, decides to seek audience w Jaegerlord
        Barcas sends Pollex to parley with the Jaegerlord and ask for an audience
    Warrior's Lodge
        Jaegerlord accepts meeting next morning, each with three attendants
    Keep Bjarungard    
        Taithar lends Hector's services to Barcas, then decides to attend meeting too
        Taithar sends Najim to scout the ruins (two week report)
        Barcas sends Stilico on a far north night watch
    The Yurt
        Hector, Barcas, Taithar, Djando, Rolfe, Hilda, Torvald, Sven
        Barcas and Rolfe talk in yurt, Barcas explains that he can't end invasion, threat
        Barcas brings Taithar in because Xyphon will take Taithar's warning's seriously
        Succubus, Glabrezu and Jurgen (bloody) outside, yelling
        Succubus says she + Glabrezu should take Barcas, Rolfe's forms
    Fight outside the Yurt
        Djando hastes all, gets Mohindered
        Rolfe hides in the grass, Taithar shields, Barcas challenges glabby
        Glabrezu reverse gravities Taithar and Barcas, who hold on (barely)
        Barcas stumbles out of the gravity
        Vrocks surround Taithar, Rolfe jumps out and they flank and kill one (abnormal death)
        Glabrezu stuns Taithar, succubus can do nothing to Rolfe
        Barcas mounts, dodges attack from glab, slashes and stuns it
        Rolfe mounts the glabrezu, Barcas slashes it more
        Rolfe mercilessly butchers the Glabrezu
        Demons flee, Taithar unstuns, pursues and flesh-to-stones succubus (in air)
        All move on the succubus statue
        Remark that this is a much more compelling reason to leave the Ostcape than just giants


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