Rapti is a monk of the Swayambhunath temple. He is the master of the recently created Drunken style of martial arts.




"The Great Monkey scratched his back and the Vanara fell from him like fleas onto the land. The first Vanara climbed the to the peaks of the highest mountains and built temples to the Great Monkey so that they may be closer to the sky from whence they fell."  -Lines of the Sacred Text

The Vanara are based in small villages in the tops of the mountains. Their villages revolve around the temple in the city where many wise monkeys meditate and study the arts. Their villages are very difficult to travel to, making them very isolated from other cultures (though they have warred with the orcs but are currently in peace with them). 

Rapti is a monk of the Drunken style. The style has only been around for a few hundred years and Rapti is one of the few to have mastered it. The style revolves around the philosophy of being true to oneself. To master it, one must be true in all his movements and be free from all inhibitions. The consumption of alcohol is actually one of the last steps in mastering this style. The first half of the style involves years of repitition of movements so that they can all be utilized subconsciously while drunk. The second half of this style revolves around meditation with alchol so one can tap into "moments of lucidness," allowing one to perform great feats of agility and strength. Outside of these "moments of lucidness," the alcohol regulates behavior and even the master's behavior can be sometimes erradic.  


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