Knight-Sergeant Arianna "Hadrian" Cahagnis

Knight-Sergeant of the Steel Talon


[illusionist wizard, opposing schools conjuration and necromancy]


Arianna wanted to learn magic from a young age, but as a girl, it was essentially impossible under Xyphonean rule. Her solution to this was to run away from home and pretend to be a boy to learn magic. After a few tries she got it right, and went through schooling with few enough incidents to get a good enough start in learning magic. She ran away from them too, and went adventuring. Taithar ran into her once back in the day, so when he had his position, he did what he could to get her into his unit, but she still has to disguise herself as a man for almost every official meeting. She’s a very serious and driven person, and is a great asset to the Steel Talon.

Knight-Sergeant Arianna "Hadrian" Cahagnis

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