The Revered and Reviled

Session 5: The Long Road Ahead

Session 5 – The Long Road Ahead
    Keep Middenhraf (underground)
        Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Barcas: speech about Taithar's death not being in vain, reveals Vizirate ring
        Barcas takes leave to attend to serious matters, promotes Phaeston, says Dengar can send word with Lecca
        Drazen takes Farscona, Gandalf-with-palantir style
        Barcas says he will take Risvanen equipment to blame Taithar's death on the Risvanen, Barcas leaves
        Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Dengar lays down theory about Xyphonaean invasion involving the ruins in Risvaal
        Dengar suggests that Rolfe go with Barcas to the Xyphonaean capital to investigate
        Rolfe agrees to follow Barcas an hunt down the heart of corruption in Xyphon, but Dengar et al. must assist Risvanen
        Rolfe leaves
    The Abyss
        Taithar awakens near, but not near, the rift into Middenhraf
        A guide-thing tells Taithar he must walk to Nirvana, gives him compass
        Surrounded by dog things, saved by Najim and crew, who are also dead (killed by Shehazian)
        Long trek ahead (the zoom out shot: millions of demons, some of them very big)
        Talk with Nax: the men are talking about demons
        Barcas to Phaenor and Phaeston: the Risvanen have demons, got to go to capital to get more resources
        Cassitor busts in, pissed about the secret operation and the casualties
        Phaeston helps Barcas explain why the op went bad (Risvanen had demons)
        Barcas gives epic speech to Cassitor; still mad, but realizes he can't take action against Barcas
        Barcas says Phaeston coming to capital, Phaenor in charge
        Phaeston knows Barcas is sort of lying; Barcas shows him the Vizirate ring, explains that there is more afoot
        Djando reports about men who were driven man by demons
    Warrior Lodges
        Rolfe explains: the job is not done, but I have to do this part alone, hold the fort in the meantime
        Torvald: "May your enemies' shields shatter before your blows."
        Hilda kisses Rolfe goodbye, tells him not to die
    The Abyss
        After several "weeks" Taithar walks up to a crazy angel vs. demon battle, horizon to horizon
        Spells don't feel right, are silent, and smell of buttercream, so he attempts to teleport
        Teleports to Nirvana with Najim and crew
    Mountain Pass
        Lecca, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe
        Dengar says Rolfe is going with Barcas, gives Rolfe headband of speaking of Xyphonaean/Risvanen
        Barcas: Rolfe is going to play the part of a Risvanen defector, Snorri Childe Harold
        Barcas to Pollex: demons afoot, bringing Jaegerlord to help root them out in Xyphon
        Phaeston things Rolfe is Snorri
        Djando, Barcas, Phaeston and Rolfe going to Xyphon



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