The Revered and Reviled

Session 4: Original Tranquility

Session 4
    En Route to Keep
        Injured heading back to Bjarungard
        Two cultists in a cart meant for the injured
        Djando, Taithar and Rolfe conducting and interrogation
        One of them has a Vizirate ring, Djando takes
        Rolfe delivers threat while Djando detects thoughts and translates
        Dudes part of the Cult of Original Tranquility
        Older guy isn't talking useful things, so Taithar throws him out of the cart
        Djando asks the younger one who he is and who his father is
        Djando finds that he is an orphan and has no meaningful ties in Xyphon, named Jovan
        Rolfe knocks his teeth out
        Jovan accepts the mercy of Xium, being taken to Bjarungard as offered by Barcas
        Rolfe executes the other guy
    Keep Middenhraf (outside)
        Dead bodies, mostly human, around the keep, no demons visible
        Nax badly injured (though not apparently mortal), at least 33% casualties for Iron Scourge
        No activity seen in keep for almost a day, but elves made it inside
        Rest of Keep attackers retreated, demons dispersed or in Keep
        Outriders fan out, one of Taithar's sgts clairvoyances and sees dwarf zombies
        Taithar Desh pings and gets two pings back
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe going in
        Stilico guarding outside, Nax sent to Bjarungard, Sven and Torvald looking for survivors
    Keep Middenhraf (ground floor)
        In the anteroom, ready for battle, Taithar becomes a gargoyle
        Djando, Drazen, Taithar, Rolfe hide
        Barcas kicks door open, zombie pile-in and three grim reaper things, challenges on reaper
        Barcas meets the enemy, Rolfe and him killing some, Taithar lays into them w/ force damage and cone of cold
        Zombies blown away, each hero closes w/ a reaper but stay on Barcas for AC
        Barcas tears apart reaper that he'd challenged with scimitar
        Taithar frost/lightning explodes another reaper w/ Farscona, then freezes the other reaper
        Barcas attempts to get info from reaper, unsuccessful, yells "Per Invictum Regitum" and slays last reaper
        Rolfe finds a dwarf priest named Bandor who is awestruck and relieved and Rolfe's presence
        Drazen and Barcas find Lethrix, they bring her but send Bandor out to heal folks
    Keep Middenhraf (underground)
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix
        Explore underground and find sleeping quarters, libraries and schoolrooms
        Barcas and Djando find desecrated dwarf worship room w/ cultists
        Barcas sends Djando to get Taithar to cone of cold the cultists, Taithar is getting dwarf storybook for Sariah
        Barcas overruns/charges some of the cultists, they die into portal
        Rolfe finds Hilda, Zendigas and Dengar
        Taithar, Drazen, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda
        Everyone but Djando and Lethrix charges in
        Balor Lord walks out of portal and sets room on fire
        People hurt, everyone but the trio gets out of the room
        FOR THE SULTAN, Taithar lunges and the trio wails on Balor Lord
        Barcas gives his challenge to the demon and asks whom he works for, demon laughs
        Barcas slays demon
        Demon explodes
        Everyone hurt in fiery unholy explosion
        Smoke clears: Taithar Nin is dead
        What now?



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