The Revered and Reviled

Session 3: To Cull the Tide of Filth

Session 3 – "To Cull the Tide of Filth"
    Ostcape Wilderness – The Meeting
        Taithar, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Lecca, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe
        Dengar talks about how grave situation is
        Dengar offers Djando, Barcas, Rolfe to begin initiation into the Vigil
            Drops knowledge about Fall of Ashtadesh, role of outsiders
        Barcas lays out what is up with his forces
        Lecca explains what's up with the rift, how two can make a really big rift
            One of them needs to be staunched
    Ostcape Wilderness – The Plan
        Middenhraf – Nax, Lethrix, Zendigas, Dengar, Hilda, Lecca
        Ruins – Barcas, Djando, Stilico, Rolfe, Taithar, Sven, Torvald
        Barcas says Nax going to extradite guerrillas from Middenhraf
        Taithar briefs Steel Talon on demons
        Barcas briefs Nax and Stilico on demons
        Rolfe gives big rally speech to his dudes
    Ostcape Wilderness (Ruins)
        Stilico's Outriders, Barcas' Outriders, Sven's snipers and Torvald's guerrillas route demons
        Taithar and Rolfe converge on the ruins
        Barcas pursues demons into clearing; demons conspicuously absent
        Colossal invisible Shemhazian makes presence known
            "You have tried so hard to hunt the demons, but realize not that the rabbit cannot hunt the wolf."
    Battle in the Clearing
        Barcas closes, Shemhazian hits Ananax with claws
        Taithar freezes him
        Barcas yells "For the true Sultan!" (whoops) and messes up the shemmy, stuns him
        Rolfe seizes opportunity, cripples Shemhazian and knocks it unconscious
        Taithar destroys it with acid
    In the Ruins
        The crew messes up the cultists, who are not prepared for the carnage – ritual averted
        One or two captured, to be talked to later…
        Retreat! Way too many demons
        Distress call from keep!



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