The Revered and Reviled

Session 2: Summoning the Vigil

Session 2 Notes
    The Yurt
        Hilda accuses Hector of set up
        Barcas diffuses tension with Djando and Taithar's help
    Heading to Bjarungard
        Barcas notifies an Outrider that he has returned and they should pull south
        Taithar goes off alone to his quarters to consult his books regarding planes
        Barcas, Djando discuss implications of demonic appearance, agree to wait for Taithar
        They decide to requisition Lecca, Djando's sister-in-law's, assistance via the Admiral
    Taithar's Chambers
        Talk with Farscona–has cut demons before, planar bleed through is happening
        .Taithar consults his shit and resolves to interrogate the succubus with Hector and Arriana
    Warrior Lodges
        Inquiring after Jurgen and the demons, follows tracks to other Lodges
        Ransacked lodge, dead men and dead demons (more dead men), hears elf voices
        Rolfe approaches stealthily but one goes silent, then star knife at his neck
        Hilda and big elf fight
        Fighting stops, big elf is Zendigas, woman is Lethrix, Rolfe and Lethrix get to talking
        Zendigas is dismissive of Rolfe
        Rolfe directs Zendigas and Lethrix to Bjarungard
    Near the Yurt (Succubus interrogation)
        Taithar, Arriana, Hector
        Baiting succubus with illusion of child, succubus survives stone to flesh
        Beneath keep Middenhrath (Middenhraf?) cult maintaining portal to Abyss
        Succubus determines child is illusion, Taithar kills her
        Taithar affirms consistency of stable portal to abyss
        Barcas sends Pollex to request Lecca from the Admiral
        Informed of elves' arrival by Phaenor and Nax, consults Adrian who is mostly unhelpful
        Allows elves an audience, but has to have them taken to holding cells pending Taithar's approval
    Holding Cells
        Taithar arrives, Lethrix teleports (is a shadow dancer) and they are out of the cells
        Lethrix and Zendigas here because Dengar brought them four days ago; Taithar should consult Dengar
    Ostcape Wilderness
        Taithar meets Dengar to discuss next steps
        Taithar refers Dengar to Rolfe and Barcas and vouches for their character (Zendigas too)
        Dengar et al get Barcas to agree to meet vigil crew
        Barcas mentions potential inclusion of Lecca, Vigil does not reveal affiliation
    Warrior Lodges
        Dengar convinces Rolfe that he will be critical in repelling demon threat
        Rolfe agrees to meeting
    Ostcape Wilderness
        Taithar, Dengar, Lethrix, Zendigas, Lecca, Barcas, Djando, Rolfe



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