The Revered and Reviled

Session 1: A Meeting at Dawn

Session Notes
    War Room
        Admiral, General, Barcas, Taithar, Djando, etc.
        Barcas wants to destroy the northern forest to break resistance and expand north
        Support from Admiral and Taithar (who could help), General gives in
    Flashback – City of Xyphon
        Thranten talking to Taithar about Ostcape
        Thranten asking Taithar if he knows about planar bleedthrough
        Thranten talking to magical shifty guy
        Thranten asks Taithar to investigate Ashtadeshi ruins in Ostcape
    Keep Bjarungard
        Barcas talks to Djando, decides to seek audience w Jaegerlord
        Barcas sends Pollex to parley with the Jaegerlord and ask for an audience
    Warrior's Lodge
        Jaegerlord accepts meeting next morning, each with three attendants
    Keep Bjarungard    
        Taithar lends Hector's services to Barcas, then decides to attend meeting too
        Taithar sends Najim to scout the ruins (two week report)
        Barcas sends Stilico on a far north night watch
    The Yurt
        Hector, Barcas, Taithar, Djando, Rolfe, Hilda, Torvald, Sven
        Barcas and Rolfe talk in yurt, Barcas explains that he can't end invasion, threat
        Barcas brings Taithar in because Xyphon will take Taithar's warning's seriously
        Succubus, Glabrezu and Jurgen (bloody) outside, yelling
        Succubus says she + Glabrezu should take Barcas, Rolfe's forms
    Fight outside the Yurt
        Djando hastes all, gets Mohindered
        Rolfe hides in the grass, Taithar shields, Barcas challenges glabby
        Glabrezu reverse gravities Taithar and Barcas, who hold on (barely)
        Barcas stumbles out of the gravity
        Vrocks surround Taithar, Rolfe jumps out and they flank and kill one (abnormal death)
        Glabrezu stuns Taithar, succubus can do nothing to Rolfe
        Barcas mounts, dodges attack from glab, slashes and stuns it
        Rolfe mounts the glabrezu, Barcas slashes it more
        Rolfe mercilessly butchers the Glabrezu
        Demons flee, Taithar unstuns, pursues and flesh-to-stones succubus (in air)
        All move on the succubus statue
        Remark that this is a much more compelling reason to leave the Ostcape than just giants



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